Awareness through photographs

We're constantly looking at the world as we rush through our daily routines, but how often do we see? Photographs let us freeze a moment in time to see the world in new light.

In my personal photography I capture the spark of discovery on a young child's face, the majesty of a sunset, the fleeting grace of a passing bird, the delicate texture and colours of a flower and the grandeur of a landscape.

In my business photography I capture your important moments, enhancing the memories for you, your family and future generations.

My Photography Business

I specialize in photographing people in their favourite environments.

  • Your family in your favourite room, for that picture for the grandparents;
  • Your engagement pictures at your favourite park;
  • Your business portraits and recognition events taken in your office;
  • Your family gathering: wedding, anniversary, birthday or barbeque.

My photography business is a labour of love for me. Since it's not my primary income I keep the volume of my business low. This allows me to take the time to deliver a superior product. Most importantly, the low volume provides me with a fresh approach at each session, instead of the shoots becoming routine and mechanical.

I use high quality professional equipment including studio strobe lights when needed.